KB00008 - Sending an Email in PackWF at the Push of a Button

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XML Format

  subject="Software Packaging: {RequestManufacturerName} {RequestProductName} ({RequestID})"
  body="Hallo, &lt;br /&gt;bitte Paket und Installationsanleitung hier ablegen: 
		&lt;br /&gt;&quot;{RequestTransferPath}&quot;
		&lt;br /&gt;
		&lt;br /&gt;
		&lt;a href=&quot;http://phatsrv046/treon_r0005/Support/TypeView.aspx?PopUp=true&amp;TypeViewId=46&amp;Id={Id}&quot;&gt;Auftrag einsehen&lt;/a&gt;
		&lt;br /&gt;
		&lt;br /&gt;
		Mit Freundlichen Gr&#252;&#223;en
		&lt;br /&gt;
		Software Packaging Team" />

If you would like to use HTML in the main body as shown in the example above, you will have to encode it. This website will facilitate your work as shown in the example below.