KB00003 - Setting Up Fixed WMI Ports

Setting Up Dynamic Port Allocation

Please click here in order to access the tutorial on the determination of dynamic port allocation in Windows.


Download script for port allocation setup

Determining Port for Endpoint

Launch DCOMCNFG.EXE and follow the instructions below.

../../_images/image002.png ../../_images/image0031.png ../../_images/image004.png

Changing WMI Mode

Please click here in order to get access to the detailed tutorial and follow the instructions on the website.


Please restart the system.

Test Script

Type in your IP/user/password in the script below.

Download test script


Due to eventually blocked Kerberos ports, some DNS names might not work. In this case, please use the IP adress of the target system only.

Expected return value (the site display name has to be displayed):