Version TicketId Product Description
5.69 020407 v5 Kernel User Variable more output types:$USERNAME$ESCAPEDUSERNAME
5.69 020409 v5 Software Packaging new Entry Button with labelNewLinkLabel=’Label’
5.69 020410 v5 Software Packaging copyFiles keeps encoding of copied files
5.69 020411 v5 Software Packaging Optimized Comment icon
5.69 020405 v5 Software Packaging createCollection loaded wrong definition from other view
5.69 020406 v5 Software Packaging createCollection now support for directMembership (add&remove)
5.69 020412 v5 System Operations Application dialog shows sccm package id
5.67 020401 Web Service Added Feature for dynamic resolve of Computer variables to deployment
5.66 020403 v5 Kernel checkCondition für ExecuteTriggerEvent ist jetzt zusammen mit Email jetzt möglich
5.66 020393 v5 Kernel Sim can execute scripts on SQL Events (oncreate, afterDelete, etc).
5.66 020386 v5 Kernel Advanced Filter Options for MultiSelect
5.66 020385 v5 Self Service Support for SCCM Fast Channel
5.66 020390 v5 Software Packaging SetDefaultOnSave korrigiert
5.66 020397 v5 Software Packaging Step Conditions (Plausibility) also Support roles
5.66 020400 v5 Software Packaging SendMail ist jetzt automatisch über SIM möglich ohne SQL Trigger. OnUpdate (save oder statuswechseln)
5.65 020380 v5 Self Service Added SCCM Fast Channel Option for Shop
5.65 020381 v5 Self Service Added DirectLink for Shop
5.64 020378 v5 Kernel CMDB Function for the mass Import of systems
5.64 020337 v5 Software Packaging TextBoxes allow clickable paths
5.63 020324 v5 Kernel -Selected Day will be highlighted
5.63 020333 v5 Kernel Object reference allows 3 Arguments. Example: @OBJ.Package.Language.ISO631
5.63 020318 v5 Software Packaging removePlus für Verbindungen verfügbar
5.63 020328 v5 Software Packaging SetDefaultOnLoad also working for Objects and Data Lists
5.63 020367 v5 Software Packaging <list> elements support link to another views with dynamic variables
5.63 020368 v5 Software Packaging hide Connections available. Only useful when having a list right after it.
5.63 020372 v5 Software Packaging Now possible to set Logical condition for a certain step. Use ‘plausibility’
5.63 020329 v5 System Operations Customized View Create Computer From Old (with customized Variables)
5.62 020312 v5 Software Packaging Fixed issue that CreateApplication looked not for newest application title for checking existence.
5.61 020293 Miscellaneous Cancel Button in ‘addUserToDevice’ works normal.
5.61 020294 Miscellaneous Bug with the multiselector in CMDB was resolved.
5.61 020295 Miscellaneous The list at the left side will be updated right when objects are removed in CMDB
5.61 020298 v5 Kernel Changed GUI to new Silver Monkey CI
5.61 020305 v5 Kernel new filter for CMDB
5.61 020300 v5 Software Packaging If the collection already exists the ‘createCollection’ command will add a deployment.
5.61 020301 v5 Software Packaging Change information from existing applications with createApplication command.
5.61 020303 v5 System Operations Domain will be also shown with the username in Operations
5.61 020306 v5 System Operations More than one site in operations module.
5.61 020296 v5 System Operations More than one Computer objects can be selected to be assigned to a user.
5.60 020289 Miscellaneous Fixed issue cannot create application (Unhandled exception).
5.60 000267 v5 Kernel Automatic update of configuration.xml is possible, now
5.60 010287 v5 Software Packaging Created a new XML attribute called ‘hide’ for form elements.
5.60 020287 v5 Software Packaging Fixed issue: Error while creating Application Connot access AppVPackageFolder
5.60 020288 v5 Software Packaging Fixed issue with using wrong credentials for CopyFiles command
5.59 010283 v5 Kernel Fixed issue: Import/Export does not support XLSX files with multiple sheets
5.58 010281 v5 System Operations Primary User Support for CreateComputer
5.57 010273 v5 Self Service Fixed issue with missing user impersonation for local SCCM connections.
5.57 010274 v5 Self Service Fixed issue with Shop references to Applications. Now, a permanent ID is used and Applications can be edited after adding them to the shop.
5.56 010272 v5 System Operations Keep Primary User when using Computer Exchange/Refresh
5.55 010271 v5 Self Service Es können die Shop Produkte dynamisch aus den PackagingJob Datensätzen generiert werden
5.53 000259 Miscellaneous Count of all connected SCCM sites visible in configuration
5.53 000268 v5 Kernel Import durch XLSX immer gleicher SysDisplayName
5.52 000227 v5 System Operations Primary users can be managed through objects, now.
5.52 000199 Web Service Extended the function of ‘Create Client’ by’overwrite=true’ that is Controlling if there is a Computer with the same Name/MAC and whether or not it should be deleted.
5.51 000226 v5 Rollout Center Dynamic target collections and primary users are avalible now.
5.48 000160 v5 System Operations it is now possible to choose the MAC addresses by drop down in the ‘Refresh Computer’ dialog.
5.41 000253 Miscellaneous It’s possible to use the FORMAT function when referencing on an @OBJ function.
5.41 000209 v5 Kernel It’s now possible to set a datalist attribute as valid.
5.41 000185 v5 Kernel It is possible to activate the date picker in english, now.
5.41 000187 v5 Kernel Fixed a bug that caused varchars bigger than 800 not to be saved.
5.41 000191 v5 Kernel Treon variables now support referenced objects ( for example: {@OBJ.PackageLanguage.CodeISO6392}).
5.41 000194 v5 Kernel Adjusted dropdown fields, enabled the option to edit the specified column.
5.41 000196 v5 Kernel Fixed Timing problem through MARS, parallel database queries function properly again.
5.41 000245 v5 Self Service Fixed a bug in the shop module that prohibits adding members and deploying.
5.39 000184 v5 Kernel Defined filters for active Directory users globally. Filter supports variables from the Job table.
5.39 000173 v5 Kernel Fixed a bug that prohibited the ‘packet commandline Install’ field to be displayed correctly.
5.39 000175 v5 Kernel Defining impersonation as Shared, decimate multiple registrations. Stabilization of impersonation. Minimized database accesses to spare connection pool.
5.39 000176 v5 Kernel Enabled triggering multiple domains in the active directory fields. Extended filter of the formular attributes.
5.39 000177 v5 Kernel Optimized database Access: Adjusted impersonification.
5.39 000179 v5 Kernel Adjusted HW Hey algorithm. The Domain of the IIS System is now in use. From this Version on ,customers need a new activation code.
5.39 000171 v5 Software Packaging Fixed a bug in the SCCM user kontext.
5.39 000181 v5 Software Packaging Expanded CreateApp/Package by security scopes.
5.39 000182 v5 Software Packaging Treon recognizes if there is an app with the same title already in the Create App dialoge and uses the existing app to create a new deployment type.
5.39 000183 v5 Software Packaging CreateApp/Package is now availible through Windows Management Instrumentation. SQL connection is not required.
5.39 000180 v5 System Operations Adjusted the filter of the applications in packaging infos: Ist now possible to sort applications by f.e. sysStatus in the operations modul.
5.39 000169 v5 System Operations The refresh computer function no longer ignores the computer template.
5.32 000156 v5 System Operations Fixed issue with the addon software (XML error).
5.31 000149 v5 Kernel Enabled a ‘Read Only’ parameter for the whole formula/workflow/role.
5.31 000150 v5 Kernel ID columns can be displayed in lists, now.
5.30 000145 v5 Kernel Text fields are now saved as VarChar (10000) in the database.
5.30 000148 v5 Kernel Fixed a bug that caused the ‘link’ button to disappear if the displayname reaches a certain length.
5.20.00 000125 v5 Kernel New variable SiteURL now exists,it can be used to reference on an Email dynamically.
5.20.00 000136 v5 Kernel Fixed bugs that affected the saving of the Formulardata when using the execute function.
5.20.00 000139 v5 Kernel The number of connections will now be displayed in the list view.
5.20.00 000074 v5 Software Packaging The ‘Execute’ Command is not displayed anymore if there is no token.
5.20.00 000121 v5 Software Packaging The Email function has been upgraded, it is now possible to set Email templates and connect them to Workflows. Emails are sent when the Email Condition is positive.
5.20.00 000124 v5 Software Packaging SCCM gateway has been extended it now supports AppVDeployment Types.
5.19.00 000098 v5 Rollout Center Adjusted import export dialog.
5.19.00 000076 v5 Rollout Center The Connections icon is now correctly displayed.
5.19.00 000072 v5 Rollout Center Fixed a bug that caused a ‘LoadXML Error’ when trying to add an active directory user to a list view.
5.19.00 000077 v5 Software Packaging Applications get created automatically within a Folder structure, as in packages.
5.19.00 000101 v5 Software Packaging PackWF/RolloutDB formular now got differentiated CSS classes.
5.19.00 000068 v5 System Operations Computer refresh applications (‘packages’) is not displaying updates (and task sequences) as requested.
5.18.00 000073 v5 Kernel Fixed a bug which caused an empty window to be displayed, when the Website wasnt used for a certain time because of a timeout of the Internet Information Server.
5.18.00 000083 v5 Kernel Session timeout adjusted to 3 days to prevent Website from displaying a blank page.
5.18.00 000090 v5 Software Packaging Dynamic paths do work properly again. It is possible to support multiple wrappers via copyjob.
5.18.00 000091 v5 Software Packaging Changes in the Package System are now working properly again.
5.18.00 000094 v5 Software Packaging The Create Collection command now supports nested text names for the destination folder. If the folder does not exist it will be created.
5.18.00 000080 v5 Software Packaging Adjusted formular design.
5.18.00 000069 v5 System Operations It is now possible to use a GUID to create a new Client in the system.