Manual for Module “Reporting”


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Site custom reports can be stored within this configuration area. The reports have to be submitted in the form of RDL or RDLC files (format of Microsoft Reporting Services). Reports can be generated most easily with the Microsoft Business Intelligence Development Studio. After uploading a report definition file, the data sources in the report are analyzed and displayed. When you create a report you have to assign report authorization groups, which may open this report. You can define custom folder structures to structorize multiple reports.

Property Description Example
Name Localized Name of the report Report1
URL Reference to an external report 25
Definition Report definition file MyReport.rdl
Connection Database Connection String (if you want query a different database that the SIM Database or rather no linkserver to the specific database has been created within the SIM database server 25
Dataset 1 .. n SQL query for all datasets within the report SELECT Table.Column,Table.Column2 FROM Table
Show toolbar Report definition file 0/1
Show toolbar navigation Check to generally display the toolbar within the report 0/1
Show toolbar zoom Check to show toolbar zoom 0/1
Show toolbar search Check to show toolbar search 0/1
Show toolbar export Check to show toolbar export 0/1
Show toolbar refresh Check to show toolbar refresh 0/1
Show toolbar print Check to show toolbar print 0/1